Ben's Hplusson Archetype on White Industries T11

Aero Classic Hplusson Sapim Wheel Builds White Industries

White Industries T11 hubs on Hplusson Archetype Rims by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

"Perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Amazing ride quality - like having a new bike. Cant get over how harsh my old wheels were!"

Great feedback after Ben's first ride on his new wheels.

Ben travels a lot, and needed a reliable light wheelset to travel with. His higher level Fulcrums had proven a little unreliable, and he was never completely happy with the "feel" of them.

In particular he was looking for a wheel that was more comfortable to ride. Not needing tubeless, the Hplusson Archetype is a logical choice. At 23mm wide, they work really well with 23 and 25c tyres and a little lower pressures. The satin finish is beautiful, and the contrasting decals look great. Having a welded join, the braking is excellent. As the anodising process happens after brake track machining, they last and last (another customer is predicting 45-50,000km out of his!). All that, plus light and stiff as well!

A top shelf rim deserves top shelf hubs. In our opinion, the White Industries T11 hubs are tough to beat. They last virtually forever (a Titanium freehub helps with this - a much better solution that slightly lighter alloy), are beautifully made, and really are great value. We like to call them an investment.

Of course, Sapim Race spokes keep the wheels laterally stiff, competitively light, and keep costs reasonable. Black brass Polyax nipples hold the tension in a build that looks as good as it rides.

White Industries T11 front hub on Hplusson Archetype Rims by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels


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