About XLR8

XLR8 Wheels custom handmade road and MTB alloy and carbon bicycle wheels.
With over twenty years experience building carbon, alloy and even wood bicycle wheels, we know we can provide the right wheels for you.

The big factories in Italy, USA, Japan and Taiwan don’t know enough about you and the way you ride. Their “Wheel System” is unlikely to provide you with the speed, endurance or strength you require!

Do you think you are the “average” rider like they do?

Our wheels are usually less expensive than the big brands, perform better and are more reliable for the same weight!

That’s the custom built XLR8 experience.

All our wheels:

1. Are specified to your needs exactly (based on discussions with you),
2. Use the best quality components from our partners in USA, Taiwan, Japan, China, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland,
3. Are lovingly hand assembled in Australia,
4. Have a lifetime warranty on workmanship, and
5. Are subject to free lifetime servicing of the wheelbuild (truing, tensioning).
      Whether you be a Contador, Cancellara, or Cadel; XC whippet or big air downhiller; trackie or fixxer, we can build cost effective wheels for you, that will provide a lifetime of trouble free service!