Richard's Zipp 808 Carbon Alloy Rebuild - new tricks for an old dog

Carbon Sapim Wheel Repairs

XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels Zipp 808 Alloy on Bitex RAR12 Rear

Richard enjoys riding his older Cervelo a couple of hundred km a week. He's keen, but can't see the need to replace this eight year old carbon rig.

When his Zipp hub exploded (be warned, if yours hasn't, it will!) he came to us to rebuild the 808 Carbon Alloy wheel with a new hub. As the Cervelo won't take a tyre wider than 25c, these older narrower rims work fine for his needs.

We talked through a number of options, and finally agreed that a Bitex RAR series hub would be perfect. Inexpensive, reliable and very light. 

Sapim plain gauge spokes on the rear driveside and double butted Race spokes on the non-driveside work well to keep lateral stiffness in check. We kept them silver to match up with those on the matching front wheel.


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