XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels happy customers.

 At XLR8 customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

"Still enjoying my T11/archetypes, which are 20kkm+, dead straight, and going strong." - Joe Williams, Sydney.

"The new front wheel is looking good, going good. All good! Thanks for the rebuild well worth it." - Mike Sumner, Sydney.

"By the way your two wheelsets have done about 5000km between them and remain dead straight and true, so thanks for your excellent work." - Neil Murchie, Melbourne.

"Rode them this morning and they were brilliant." - Michael Ward, Adelaide.

"The Disc wheelset have now done 3000km. They are still good as new and I still love every ride with them." - Rheicel Rheobaldo, Sydney.

"Absolutely delighted with the wheels, with both the rims and the build! I've put quite a few km's on them including a trip to Buller and another one planned for a few weeks time with no issues whatsoever. The wheels are still as true as the days you built them. Once again, thanks for your time an effort, the build is a credit to you and it great to see someone take real pride in their work." - Brendan Garry, Melbourne.

"Rim just arrived now. Thanks again for all your help Josh. It's so refreshing to find someone in the bike industry who truly makes you feel like a customer, not just a sale!" - Brett Baldwin, Hobart.

"The wheels deserve their own plaudits - NOS Mavic Reflex Ceramic rims, laced to White Industries T11 hubs by Josh of XLR8 wheels in Lennox Head, NSW. Shod with FMB CX Competition 25c tubulars, they're an absolute dream to ride." - Richard Gearing, Sydney (on Cycle EXIF)

"They've arrived in perfect nick. Thanks again. Don't think I've seen a straighter and more solid pair of wheels than these especially given how light they are." - Sean Dwyer, rural Victoria.

"I just wanted to let you know the other wheels you built for me have been excellent." - Rob Slikker, Sydney.

"Bloody good wheels, by the way! Have had the chance to put a few miles on them now - very happy with them." - Ben Raymond, Sydney.

"Got those wheels mounted over the weekend. Bike just accelerates under power now as the rear wheel is so stiff combined with the 12*142 rear axle." - Nick Selwood, rural NSW.

"The wheels are great by the way!" - Jacob Obara, Perth.

"The wheels you built for me last year with the dynamo hub are going great guns, haven't missed a beat." - Peter Gordon, Adelaide

"Thank you. Thank you. The wheels look and feel and are fantastic. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you." - Campbell Mattinson, rural Victoria.

"Very very happy with them ... got some 25mm (tyres) on there and super smooth ... very very pleased and would definitely buy again." - Stephen Nelson, Adelaide.

“Thanks so much for sorting these out for me, they match the build perfectly, and your service was outstanding. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a build.” - Josh Tickell, Sydney

“I am very happy with your build. The hubs rolls forever and shine really complements the Ti Frame. There is really nothing I can think of to fault the wheels.” - Rheicel Rheobaldo, Sydney

“I’m loving these wheels more every day. Well built wheels, great service, and a nice guy too. Thanks again” - Glenn Ryan, Brisbane

“Over past ten years, Josh has built many wheels for me, and I can confidently say, they are the best I have ridden. ” - Manny Mote, Sydney

“I had a factory carbon wheelset that started to de-tension. My local bike shop told me that it needed to be rebuilt with new spokes, and quoted hundreds of dollars! XLR8 came up with a solution that saved all the spokes, re-tensioned the wheel to factory specs, and trued it better than it was. All at less than half the price of the local bike shop! “ - David Garry, Brisbane

“In 1992 Josh built me one of the first sets of ZIPP 440s in the country, and I rode them to a personal best time at the Noosa Triathlon that year. For nearly ten years I rode those wheels in both training and races, and retired them only after I wore out the brake tracks. They were still straight and round, and never failed me once. “ - Paul Telford, Brisbane

“I bought a new 29er on the internet, and after the first ride the rear wheel went out of true. XLR8 checked the correct tensions for the wheels – they were way out, straight from the box. XLR8 re-tensioned them correctly, and they are as good as gold now. “ - Tim Bushell, rural NSW.