Feel free to ask questions, but have a look at our FAQs below, which might answer them straight away.

Are your wheels covered by warranty?

Yes, we offer a two year warranty to all our wheels (return & pick up from us, but we are happy to arrange shipping on your behalf). The only exception is bearings, where we can only offer a six month warranty as we cannot be sure you will be remiss in the way you clean/degrease your hubs.

What is not covered by warranty?

1. Permanent deformation of the rim and/or spoke (non-reversible changes of shape in response to applied forces). Examples are:

    • you had a big a crash
    • hitting a pothole,
    • over-inflation or under-inflation of tyres, and
    • rim brake surface wear.
    These are not manufacturing or assembly faults, and therefore not covered by our warranty.

    2. Oxidization of materials (corrosion and/or rusting).

    Many metals undergo a chemical reaction called oxidization. This reaction produces corrosion, and hence it is important to make sure your wheels are kept clean and dry when not riding them (don’t high-pressure wash hubs – it forces water into the bearings and they will go kaput!). Frequently use a weak car wash and water solution to wash the dirt, road grime, salt and (most importantly) sweat off your wheels, using a soft brush or sponge.

    3. Wheel being adjusted, trued, re-tensioned, disassembled or otherwise monkeyed with by yourself or a third party.

    What is the maximum pressure recommended using your wheels ?

    Road Clinchers

    • 700c x 20mm – 120 psi
    • 700c x 23mm – 120 psi
    • 700c x 25mm – 105 psi
    • 700c x 28mm – 90 psi

    MTB Wheels

    • Tubeless rims – 45 psi
    • Non-tubeless rims – 60 psi

    It been scientifically proven that pressures exceeding the above don’t make the bike roll faster. Over-inflating tires actually increases rolling resistance tires and makes you go slower. Going fast is more fun than going slow, so don’t pump them up too high!

    Note that MTB rims are built to specific tyre bead pressure recommendations. Overinflating tubeless MTB tyres can result in rapid deflation or the bead unseating, which could cause a crash.

    Are your wheels pre-built or custom?

    All XLR8 wheels are handbuilt in our workshop, in Ballina, New South Wales.

    Are your weights actual weights?

    The estimated weight of wheels we spec for you may vary ever so slightly due to manufacturing tolerances. As a result we also include a +/- range just to be sure you know what to expect.

    Are skewers included in the price of wheels?

    Quality skewers & rim tapes are included for all full carbon road wheels. 

    We carry a range of CrMo and Ti skewers for all our other wheelsets, at very competitive prices.

    Who makes XLR8 wheel components?

    In most cases we import from the factories directly in order to save the costs of “the middleman”. These are the same factories that produce rims, spokes, and hubs for the bigger brands. In many cases, we use the very same components!

    However some cases, it is more economical to deal with local wholesalers in order to provide the lowest cost option, or a product only available that way.

    Are the wheels rated for weight of the rider?

    Some wheels have a weight recommendation. Talk to us directly for details.

    How do you send the wheels interstate ?

    We use Australia Post and SmartSend to ship our wheels, depending on where you are. We can arrange collection of your old wheels, or repairs if need be. All part of the service.

    Can you discount the wheels?

    Our goal is to offer the best value wheels in Australia. We believe our pricing to be exceptional considering the quality of the components and the wheelbuild you will receive. So, sorry we can’t discount any further.

    Got more questions? We haven’t answered your query in the above?

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