Dan's Superlight Nextie Carbon CX/Gravel wheels - White Industries XMR hubs

29er Carbon Cyclocross Enduro Gravel Nextie Sapim Tubeless Wheel Builds White Industries

White Industries XMR hubs on Nextie 29er Asymmetric 27mm Rims by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

Dan gets around Melbourne on his Specialized Crux CX bike and needed some new wheels to replace the heavy original wheelset.

Being a bigger guy, we discussed the pros and cons of alloy, deep road carbon, and narrower width 29er hoops, and after some consideration the Nextie Premium Asymmetric 27mm carbon 29er rim was selected. It would be a perfect match for the 38c CX tyres that he likes to run.

He appreciates quality and it took no time for him to realize that the White Industries XMR hubset is a killer deal. They are light, super tough, and the finish is really something special. 

As he's a bigger (and therefore more powerful) rider, a 32h build is the right choice. Sapim Race spokes were used for the front wheel and the rear non-driveside. Plain gauge Sapim Leader spokes were used on the driveside to even up the lateral stiffness characteristics of the rear wheel. We do this on all our builds for heavier riders, and it really makes a difference to how the rear wheel accelerates and tracks in hard cornering.

A standard 3x lacing pattern provides good lateral rigidity, and Sapim Polyax black brass nipples were used.

White Industries XMR front hub on Nextie 29er Asymmetric 27mm Rims by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels


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