Rolling in glitter! The Prolite Bracchiano to Track wheel conversion.

Sapim Track and Fixed Wheel Builds Wheel Repairs

Image of Prolite Bracchiano alloy bicycle wheel rebuilt to track wheel by XLR8 wheels.

Richard has been using these Pro-Lites for some time, and found them to be a pretty good option for local criteriums. They were reasonably stiff, and being a cheaper pair of wheels, he wasn’t to worried about them getting damaged in a scrap with the tarmac.

Image of Prolite Bracchiano alloy bicycle wheel rebuilt to track wheel by XLR8 wheels. Profile shown.

However, as is often the case, the proprietary hubs became problematic. Much of the design is bespoke, so if anything breaks, it’s back to Pro-Lite for spares. In Richard’s case, the parts were proving difficult to source.

So, we changed direction on these wheels. The Hplusson SL42 (lower quality copy of an Hplusson SL42) rim used on these wheels is bombproof, super aero, but at small weight penalty per rim over the equivalent carbon offerings (but they are still not heavy rims!). After some discussion with Richard, we came to the opinion that these rims would be great on the track, as the weight disadvantage would be far less of an issue, and the aero benefits easier to capitalise on.

So, we have laced a Novatec track hub into the rim, laced 2x both sides with black Sapim Leader plain gauge spokes (to keep the wheel stiffness high with the 24 spoke count). Silver brass nipples were selected for reliability, and that they match the silver alloy nipples on the front wheel.

Of course, we could have laced a new road hub back into these wheels for Richard, but he’s been buying new pairs of XLR8 wheels lately, and seems pretty happy with those …

“Had a very hilly race last Sunday…. group split at first hill (Old Willunga Hill, as used in TDU). The sprinters formed a chase group with no chance of catching the climbers as there was a second hill later on … we picked up a few other stragglers along the way. The interesting thing was that at the end the best sprinter I race against was in the group with me. He sat on my wheel coming into the finish. I went out hard and he came from my wheel trying to pass me on the line. I was able to put in an extra effort and hold him off. We were nowhere near the placings, but that’s the only time I’ve beaten him in a sprint. He expressed surprise that he couldn’t beat me. I didn’t explain.”

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