Neil's DT Swiss 350 on Specialized Alloy Allroad wheel

DT Swiss Sapim Wheel Builds Wheel Repairs

XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels DT Swiss 350 Centrelock on Specialized Axis Alloy

Neil had a 24h DT Swiss 350 hub lurking in a drawer, and a new Specialized Axis alloy rim, also 24h. He got in contact thinking these two should be mated for a spare rear wheel for his disc road bike.

Being a bigger guy, we advised that a plain gauge spoke would be the best solution on this rear wheel, in order to control lateral felxure of the wheel under load (both pedalling and cornering). So Sapim Leader in black it was.

He's a sucker for the all black aesthetic, so we used Sapim black 12mm brass nipples for reliability.

2 cross lacing is the only sensible option for a rear disc wheel, so that's what we did!

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