Joe’s Carbon tubbies – 1310g with White Industries hubs.

Aero Classic Sapim Wheel Builds White Industries

Picture of custom carbon road bike tubular wheels 38mm deep using White industries T11 hubs.

Another repeat customer, Joe got in touch about some light and aero wheels for Granfondo events. He’s been “tubular curious” and we encouraged him to make the leap – tubs are light, roll very fast and are super comfy. In fact, the current trend towards wide clinchers is simply seeking to emulate the feel of tubulars!

We assisted Joe to select a well known Asian carbon manufacturer, and he had the 50mm deep rims sent directly to us. 20h front and 24h rear. White Industries T11 hubs were a no brainer – Joe uses them already, and wisely agrees they are the best price performance compromise available.

We talked much about spokes, and came to the conclusion that a bladed spoke was probably not going to offer great benefit in the cross winds of longer rides. These aren’t Time Trial wheels! In the end, tried and true Sapim Race double butted spokes were selected for both front and rear. Radial lacing works nicely on the front, with a torsionally stiff 2x pattern on the rear. Sapim Polyax brass nipples ensure reliability for years to come.

1310g for the pair. That’s simply excellent for aero wheels that are so stiff, and concede nothing to reliability.

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