The XLR8 World MTB Championship Connection

29er All Mountain Carbon Project321 Sapim Wheel Repairs

Elite riders are no stranger to XLR8. Listed as repeat customers are plenty of Ironman competitors, an ex-German National Champ, National level road and MTB racers, and over the last few years a very vocal Aussie MTB racer. She's ridden both MTB Marathon XC Worlds and more recently UCI MTB Worlds in Cairns.

She's been riding our hoops for several years now, quietly. Not like her really, but I suppose that's what happens when you are sponsored by a multinational bike company!

Driven in all aspects of her busy life, she has a "take no prisoners" riding style, and recently cracked one of her Kappius carbon rims by smashing it on a rock (with a low tyre pressure). That can happen in "all or nothing" racing at World Champs level.

We quickly had her back and training, on a new rebuild with CX-Ray spokes and purple alloy nipples*.

* yes, we know, we know. XLR8 are not fans of alloy nipples for carbon builds due to the likelihood of galvanic corrosion causing problems over the longer term. However, in this case the rim is a consumable - Elite level racing takes it's toll on gear, and it's likely that this rim will be smashed and bashed just like the one it replaced. And the one before that.

XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels rebuild of Project321 hub onto Kappius Carbon MTB rim

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