Simon's Retro Rebuild - Dura Ace 7400 on Hplusson TB14 Black

Shimano Dura Ace 7400 on H Plus Son TB14 Black Rear by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

Simon rides locally, on a beautiful late 80s Colnago. He's not afraid of hitting the dirt and gravel roads on his old(er) classic ride.

He had wheel problems, and came to XLR8 for advice and some suggestions on the right rim for his needs - both performance, and aesthetics - to couple with his immaculate Dura Ace 7400 hubs.

The H Plus Son TB14 is an excellent rim - wide, strong and beautifully made. All of that, and a fantastic retro box section. These rims result in a very comfortable ride as box section rims are a little more radially compliant than modern aero section rims. They are not heavy at 500g each, and certainly tough.

Plus, they really do look retro, with a valve hole badge that is very reminiscent of the classic Ambrosio Nemesis tubular rims.

In order keep the purity of the aesthetic, only silver spokes could be chosen. In this case Sapim Race double butted, coupled with silver brass nipples.

Shimano Dura Ace 7400 on H Plus Son TB14 Black Badge by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels


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