Robbie's ENVE rebuild and new White Industries ENO Disc build

Image of XLR8 Wheels rebuild of ENVE 26 Carbon MTB rim on Tune Princess Disc front Hub.Robbie is well known in the Australian Singlespeed Community. He's an ex Australian National Champ who rides a lot, and hard. He's one of the last 26" stalwarts, but in a recent decision to get a new 29er custom built, he decided to give his old bike a retirement present.

Photo of XLR8 Wheels rebuild of ENVE 26 Carbon MTB rim on Tune Princess Disc front Hub.His front ENVE MTB wheel had suffered from the usual internal nipple corrosion issues, and a full rebuild was required, rebuilding the beautiful Tune Princess hub back into the hoop.

He decided on a whole new hub to replace the ageing Spot SS hub. The White Industries ENO hub is the perfect choice. Strong, light at 388g, beautiful and not expensive. We laced this on a DT Swiss rim brake rim (as that's what he uses on the rear). Sapim Race double butted spokes and brass nipples were sued for simplicity, reasonable cost, and reliability.

Image of XLR8 Wheels custom build of White Industries ENO Disc hub onto DT Swiss rear rim.Of course White industries also provide the 18t freewheel to complete the retirement upgrade. The freewheel utilises a sealed cartridge bearing instead of a loose ball bearing system, with two advantages for the bearing - well contained and sealed from the elements, and easily replaced.

    The ENO freewheel features a machined inner driver and machined outer case resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically (without the tight and loose spots common to cheap freewheels). A 36 point engagement system and a case hardened, nickel electro-plated outer case make this freewheel a perfect addition to your single speed. At 72 point engagement version is also available.

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