Kwesi's Ultimate Disc Road Wheels - White Industries CLD on Nextie Carbon

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Nextie 45mm carbon road rims on White Industries CLD hubs by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels rear

Kwesi was piecing together his ultimate road bike - a Wilier Cento 10NDR. Another customer recommended he seek our advice. He needed some light and aero disc road wheels, that would be stiff and super reliable (he's a big guy).

We chose the White Industries CLD hubs for this build, as they are light, tough and dependable. The finish is awesome and seems to weather far better than other premium offerings. Add to that an indestructible titanium freehub, simple maintenance, and they're a solid bet if you want to still to Centrelock rotors.

The Nextie Classic 45mm deep and 25mm wide carbon rims were chosen for their great strength/value/weight ratio. Tubeless ready and very aero too!

Being designated for a disc brake wheelset, the rims were matte UD carbon finished (no braking surface) and no decals were applied for a super stealth look.

Sapim spokes were used on both front and rear wheels. Due to all braking forces being transmitted directly through the disc, to the hub, through the spokes, to the rim and then to the tyre and the road; a higher spoke count is a wise choice for disc road wheels. We went with 28 on both.

Sapim Race spokes were used on the front, and rear non-drive side. On the rear drive side we used plain gauge Sapim Leader. The thicker spoke helps to equalise lateral stiffness on the asymmetrical rear wheel, and produces a better riding wheel in hard cornering, sprinting, and out of the saddle climbing.

Black brass nipples of course on a wheelset that will serve well for Kwesi on the road, but would work equally well for a lighter rider for gravel or CX duties.

Nextie 45mm carbon road rims on White Industries CLD hubs by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels front


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