Ian's Nextie Carbon on White Industries XMR+ front wheel

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White Industries XMR Boost front hub on Nextie Carbon 29er rim by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

Ian phoned with a requirement to replace an ageing and unreliable front 29er wheel. He's a rider from the nearby Gold Coast, so we knew well the tracks he rode.

Initially we discussed an alloy replacement for his wheel, very similar to what he had. However, Nextie carbon offerings are so well priced, the cost to upgrade to wider, stiffer and lighter carbon is not great.

Together we decided that a 30mm internal width rim would be a great choice for the XC/Trail style usage he needed. Coming in at just over 500g, these rims are light for their sturdiness, and work really well with tyres from 2.3" up to about 2.6".

The White Industries XMR Boost hub was chosen for it's great combination of light weight, unkillable build quality, and reasonable price. Plus, they look great as well.

Laced 3 cross, with Sapim Race black spokes and black brass nipples, this wheel will stand the test of time, providing Ian with stable tracking and a nice wide front footprint for years to come.

White Industries XMR Boost hub on Nextie Carbon 29er rim by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels Angled


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