Hernando's Bontrager Nextie 29er Asymmetric Carbon Rebuild

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Nextie 29er Asymmetric on Bontrager Rhythm Comp Rear by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

Hernando rides a Trek All Mountain 29er. It's a fine bike, and he's decided that he'll keep it for a good few years yet. Being a 29er, he felt that the standard Bontrager Rhythm Comp alloy wheelset was a little too flexy for his liking. They are also a little narrow at 21mm wide internal. He felt this to be the only issue with the bike.

So, after a couple of years abusing the alloy wheelset, he came to us looking for advice on a wide carbon wheelset to breathe a bit of new life (and lateral stiffness ) into his ride. The budget was tight, so rather than compromise the overall quality of the build, we suggested that his current hubs get a full refurb, and we lace them into the new Nextie 38mm wide asymmetric carbon 29er rim.

These are a 32mm internal width tubeless ready MTB rim. Not quite "Plus Size" but certainly not narrow. They work really well for heavy duty trail riding, all mountain and Enduro with a 2.3-2.5" tyre.

We calculated the asymmetric drilling of the rim meant spoke bracing angles would be almost identical in each side, making for a really stiff and predictable MTB wheel. There is also no differential in spoke tensions between each side of the wheel, meaning greater reliability.

We specced DT Swiss Competition double butted straight pull spokes in black, except the two spokes either side of the valve being silver - just to offset the intense blackness of the matte unidirectional carbon rims. It's a very classy outcome.

DT Prolock brass nipples further ensure reliability.

The final wheelset weight is just over 1860g .... all for a price of a set of premium hubs! 

Get in contact if you'd like us to rebuild the wheels you've got. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved at reasonable cost.

Nextie 29er Asymmetric on Bontrager Rhythm Comp Front by XLR8 Performance Bicycle WheelsNextie 29er Asymmetric Decal on Bontrager Rhythm Comp by XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

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