Gavin's Economy Monstercross Solution

29er Cyclocross Gravel Sapim XLR8 Rims

XLR8 Rouleur Mk3 rim in Shimano Centrelock hub hub

Gavin has an old school custom 29er. Back from the days when the geometry was still being tried and tested, but yet to be fully refined. It's fair to say that process did take some years to come to the stable, yet still quite nimble 29er geometry that exists today.

His old ride has quite short top tube, and he decided to convert it to a monstercross (big tyre gravel) bike, as the geometry would be perfect for that, and he has a lot of old parts lying about.

The only snag was that he didn't have a rear wheel on hand for the task. Here at XLR8 we have near 30 years of spares and parts available, so there's always something kicking about that can be strung together in times like this.

We used the last of our Rouleur Mk3 stock on a mid level Shimano centrelock MTB hub, with dependable Sapim Race spokes and brass nipples. A neat economy solution that will see many years of trouble free use.

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