Dan's Project321 Singlespeed hubs on Stan's Flow EX Mk3 rims

27.5" All Mountain Enduro Project321 Sapim Stan's No Tubes Wheel Builds

Project 321 Boost front hub on Stans Flow Mk3 side XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

Dan rides a very unusual Enduro rig. The Kiwi made Zerode Taniwha uses the Pinion P1:12 frame mounted gearbox, and thus only a single front chainring, and one rear cog. This gearbox provides 12 gears, evenly spaced apart to give a total gearing range of 600 percent. Setup appropriately, this can offer gearing as high as a SRAM 11s 32x10t set-up, but with a super low ratio that’s even lower than a 46t cog!

This special bike requires special wheels. Dan's old 26" wheels had been serving him well, but the bike was designed to accomodate 27.5" and he was keen to try this new size. 

His experience (and ours) with the Stan's Flow rims had been good, so he wanted to use these again. Hub choice became the complication. There really aren't many Singlespeed hubs available in the Australian market. We quickly got to a short list of the White Industries ENO and the Project 321 SS hub. The P321 won out in the end. We had a custom made 206 points of engagement hub made, specifically with the "quite" freehub noise option. The first outside of the US in fact!

Being silver hubs, it made sense to use silver spokes and nipples. Sapim Race and Sapim Polyax Alloy in this case. We did make an exception of putting one black spoke and nipple either side of the valve hole on each wheel - just because Dan wanted to be a bit different. That's what a custom wheel build is for!

<img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1993/4293/files/Project_321_Boost_front_hub_on_Stans_Flow_Mk3_rims_front_6f3b119c-c501-486b-8372-aa8318509272_large.JPG?v=1520722427" alt="Project 321 Boost front hub on Stans Flow Mk3 rims rear XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels" />


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