Christie Rattles a World Champ

DT Swiss TT and Triathlon Wheel Builds XLR8 Rims

Image of Christie Sym Triathlon Pro riding XLR8 Wheels.

You may remember that we’ve been helping Christie Sym get back to racing as a Pro Triathlete.

Well, her persistence (and her XLR8 Mistral’s) paid off at last week’s Challenge Melbourne 70.3 Triathlon (that’s pretty much a half Ironman – in case you were asking).

On a very cold day, and with a swim into some big surf, Christie came out of the water in 5th position.

It was her ride that really showed the competition that she’s back. Christie rode the fastest bike leg by a minute over double World Champ Mel Hauschildt. On the day she rode a rear disc and an XLR8 Mistral T55.

Unfortunately, she was a little slower in the transitions, but Mel was quicker on the run, grabbing back more than 6 minutes by the finish.

However, Christie still ran the second fastest run time, and managed to fend off third placegetter Lisa Marangon by more than 6 minutes.

Image of Christie Sym Triathlon Pro riding XLR8 Wheels. Side shot.

Great work Christie! A pretty good effort to rattle the Pros after only 4 months training We’re sure it wasn’t just your XLR8 wheels (but we know we’ve helped just a little!).

Images: Steff Hanson


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