White Industries – often the best choice

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Image of White Industries T11 Polished Rear hub with Titanium 11 speed Shimano freehub.

We’ve been building with White Industries products since 1995. In fact, we built a pair from one of the first shipments to Australia in the mid 90s.

And we continue to recommend White Industries to our customers for one key reason – as an investment of your cash, they usually cannot be beaten.

Image of White Industries T11 Polished Front hub.

We have seen White Industries hubs reused several times (being relaced onto new rims), and the 90s hubset we refer to above is about to be rebuilt into its fifth wheelset.

The freehub mechanism is simple, well sealed, and easily maintained. The freehub body is titanium, meaning it is light and extremely durable – both internally, and resisting marring from the cassette.

If you consider the cost (which is quite reasonable compared to the competition), and the likelihood of using these time and time again; these are the perfect choice for most … 



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