Everything has a finite life - but the correct maintenance will prolong that.

Wheel Repairs

Broken Tune Mag 180 hub as a result of bad maintenance XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

This top quality hub saw use in three seperate wheelsets, under four different riders - and it was ridden hard.

Like all high performance machinery, the appropriate maintenance is just as important as frequent maintenance. Properly maintained, it would have lasted a few more years. 

In this case, a well meaning mechanic used a sticky grease on the pawls. A heavy grease can cause one or two (of the three) pawls to stick, thus spreading torque over less pawls that are engaging, and elongating the pawl seats. Once done, the damage cannot be undone, and accelerates other issues (as the pawls no longer sit properly in the hub).

A pity, such a lovely thing. They are usually very reliable as well.

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