These Project321 hubs are being built into their third set of wheels ....

At XLR8 we find that we often use the word "Investment" to describe Project321 hubs. There are cheaper hubs, and there are more expensive hubs, but in our experience Project321 product is built as well, or better than even the highest priced competition.

XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels has rebuilt these used Project321 Pink hubs into Nextie Carbon MTB rims.

Originally the hubs were built with some Stan's alloy rims, but once she'd trashed those rims, another builder rebuilt these hubs onto some Nextie Carbon rims, but unfortunately used alloy nipples. They are not a good spec choice for the adverse conditions of MTB. They corroded and broke.

The hubs are still perfect, and have never needed anything more than a quick service. 

XLR8 has just rebuilt these hubs and rims using a more sensible black brass nipple, and they are ready to roll again.

Three sets of wheels, plenty of abuse, and still going strong. We have little doubt that one day in the future, these hubs will go into another set of hoops.

What a great investment these hubs have been.


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