Wheelsmith AE14 J Bend Bladed Silver Spokes XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels
XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels

Wheelsmith XE14 J Bend Bladed Silver Spokes

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Wheelsmith XE14 J Bend Bladed Silver Spokes (please select the number of spokes you would like to purchase in the quantity box in your cart). 

Recommended usage:

Wheelsmith XE14 are the perfect solution for ultra low spoke count aero wheels - their added mass results in significant stiffness improvements over the lighter aero spokes (like the CX-Ray).

The XE14 fits is all standard hub holes (no hub slotting required).

Additional information:

Supplier: Wheelsmith

Material: Stainless Steel

Type: J Bend

Diameter: 2.0mm / 2.2mm x 1.3mm Elliptical Blade Aero / 2.0mm

Thread: 14 gauge, ~2.2mm thread diameter

Colour: Silver

Weight: 4.7g

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