Peter’s stunning White Industries CLD on Stan’s Grail

Peter was not impressed with the feel and the weight of the wheels that came on his Specialized Roubaix Disc. He specifically needed a stronger rim (for the potholed and unsurfaced roads he rides) and wanted a wider rim, for

Daniel’s White Industries T11 on HED Tubeless Ready Belgium+ rims

Daniel is building a classic old steel frame “retromod” style. He’s putting more modern components on for better reliability, stiffness and lower weight. At the recommendation of his social media network, he approached us to build some new hoops. White

Craig’s Second Pair of Zelvy’s

Craig is the proud owner of a set of Zelvy carbon hoops on Project321 hubs, that we built up for him last year. He’s picked up another new bike, and asked us to help build some new carbon wheels. Of

Joe’s Carbon tubbies – 1310g

Another repeat customer, Joe got in touch about some light and aero wheels for Granfondo events. He’s been “tubular curious” and we encouraged him to make the leap – tubs are light, roll very fast and are super comfy. In fact,

Jaun’s fixie wheels restoration

Jaun rides MTB with us occasionally, and recently scored a late 80s Concorde road frame to build into a fixie. The old wheels he planned to use were not up to the task. The period Suzue track hubs badly needed

Jonas’ new heavy hitter Hope Pro4 on Light Bicycle

Jonas has a few sets of wheels from us now, and with a new bike on the way, he sought our services to lace some hubs into some carbon rims he had sourced from Asia. Being a strong, heavy hitting,

Grant’s Hplusson Hydra on Novatec

Grant came to us after a recommendation from another customer, seeking some quality wheels for his gravel bike, that would be sexy, reliable, and light. He was on a bit of a budget, so sought our advice. We recommended the

Sean’s new gravel wheels

Sean is one of our best customers. He’s open and honest about his needs and goals, and he listens carefully and provides great feedback on the solutions we propose. He’s the owner of quite a few unique XLR8 wheelsets as

Chico’s Colnago Obsession

Alex and our Chief Wheelbuilder worked together in the late 90s as bike couriers (messengers for all of you in the States) in Sydney. Since then we’ve helped him out for race wheels, and were very happy when he approached

White Industries – often the best choice

We’ve been building with White Industries products since 1995. In fact, we built a pair from one of the first shipments to Australia in the mid 90s. And we continue to recommend White Industries to our customers for one key