White Industries – often the best choice

We’ve been building with White Industries products since 1995. In fact, we built a pair from one of the first shipments to Australia in the mid 90s. And we continue to recommend White Industries to our customers for one key

Campbell’s Dura Ace C35 Rebuild

We’ve built wheels in the past for Campbell, and his feedback was that they were the best he’d owned. He had favourably compared them to his Shimano DuraAce C35 wheelset, and when an accident damaged his rear C35, he came

Grandpa’s Axe

Tim is a singlespeeder through and through, and describes his bike as “Grandpa’s Axe” – it’s had everything on it replaced at least once in it’s life. The time had come to replace his ageing wheels, and rather than re-use

Evan’s Plan Sidetracked – for the better!

Evan came to us with a plan – rebuild his ageing Zipp hubs onto some new tubs. Of course, we did what we usually do, listened carefully to what our clients want, and detail their riding (style, surfaces, racing, frame

Tune hubs are the best choice for the performance orientated

Tune are well renowned for their extremely light and high tech hubsets. They are not only well thought out, and beautifully engineered; but very reliable. Both MTB and Road. This Tune Mig45 and Mag170 hubset is now on it’s third

And yet another …

Zipp 202 rebuild with the smart choice, White Industries T11. Sapim Race double butted spokes, and black Wheelsmith nipples will ensure a strong, reliable and beautiful build. Had enough of sloppy Zipp bearings, and having to constantly replace them. Broken

Geez, more Zipp repairs!

We’re getting a bit of a reputation for this! XLR8 can sort out your Zipp wheels. We’re well aware of the concerns you may be having with problematic hubs. Coversions to 11s are easy as well. Get in contact. We

Sam’s Fast Marathon Hoops

Sam came to us with a DT Swiss 370 hub in hand, and a plan to build up an old 29er he had racked up in his garage. An experienced rider, with years of competition under his belt, he specifically

Another pair of Zelvys for Brendan

Every year Brendan is lucky enough to buy a new bike, and every year we are his choice for the new hoops for his new rig. This year Brendan bought another Norco, but quickly identified that an upgrade to a

Dale’s Retro Rebuild

Dale needed to replace some wheels on his 80s Reynolds 501 Raleigh that he scoots around on. It’s not really a training bike, but a bike he loves to just swing a leg over and go for a pedal on.