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DT Swiss Large Spoke Washers Brass (bag of 100)

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DT Swiss Large Spoke Washers Brass (please select the number of bags of 100 washers you would like to purchase in the quantity box in your cart).

Spoke washers are used at the hub end of the spoke, between the spoke head and the hub itself. The washers take up any gap between the bend and the head, to help prevent the spoke from breaking. 

These were used on several Easton wheel models in the past, to replace part number DT55N2. They can be used in most other instances where a spoke washer is required.

Recommended usage: Commonly used on a) hubs with thin flanges (<2.0mm) or b) hubs that have large spoke holes drilled (>0.5mm difference between the spoke hole and the diameter of the spoke at the bend.)

Particularly good for eBike wheel builds.

Additional information:

Supplier: Easton

Material: Brass

Exterior Dimensions: Round 6.5mm

Interior Dimension: Round 2.6mm

Thickness: 0.6mm

Weight: 0.2g

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