Continental Tubular Glue Rim Cement for Alloy Rims - 25g tube
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Continental Tubular Glue Rim Cement for Alloy Rims - 25g tube

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Continental Tubular Glue Rim Cement for Alloy Rims (please select the number of 25g tubes you would like to purchase in the quantity box in your cart).

Don't use on carbon rims (nor use carbon cement on aluminium rims). 

Recommended usage: This Continental Rim Cement for aluminium rims is specifically for aluminium tubular rims only.

  • Quick drying.
  • Excellent adhesion. 
  • Road or tubular XC MTB applications.

Rim cement for aluminium tubulars is completely different from the cement for carbon rims. The different rim surface structure and the different heat conductivities of the materials mean that alloy and carbon rim glue are very different.*

Continental tubular glue for carbon rims is available here.

Additional information:

Supplier: Continental


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* Apart from the issues of gluing a tire to carbon (getting a surface that’s free of carbon mold release agents), the main problem is its relatively low heat capacity. Carbon rims tend to heat up quickly and run hotter than alloy ones. On long mountain descents this can create a situation where the tubular glue heats up and loses its adhesive properties, greatly increasing the chances of rolling a tire.